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  • like a thief The Hours We Kept (While You Were Sleeping) (CD EP, £2.00)

    label: Stonetrax

    “You know that song ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel? Well that’s exactly like my life. Except that I’m playing in places where I’ll look up and the Queen ha... more

  • favours One Up On You (2-track CD, £2.00)

    label: Stonetrax

    ‘One Up On You’ is the follow up single to their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Magpie’s Revenge’ which saw the BBC take notice and invited them to... more

  • like a thief Spiders (3-track, £2.10)

    label: Stonetrax

    Introducing Like A Thief also known as 24 year old musician and songwriter Holly Jazz Lowe. On this her debut single ‘Spiders’ she gives us her own of... more

  • Found 3 result(s).