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  • guy birkin Symmetry-Breaking (double CDR, £9.95)

    label: Runningonair Music

    Guy’s work first came to my attention about a year ago. I was immediately struck by the way in which Guy’s work could both be seen as a pure sound ex... more

  • runningonair Selected Works '94-'00 / unSelected Works '94-'97 (double CDR, £7.95)

    label: Runningonair Music

    Sometimes a bit of Spring cleaning is very worthwhile - even in Autumn! Certainly, this was the case for Runningonair (AKA ... more

  • runningonair Click Continue EP (CDR, £3.95)

    label: Runningonair Music

    The “Click Continue” EP, whilst being essentially a remix CD, seeks new territory within the genre. A collection of artists of di... more

  • craig burston & joe evans Systems Out of Chance (CDR + DVDR, £7.95)

    label: Runningonair Music

    "The Systems out of Chance project was the result of a series of dialogues: a dialogue between image maker Craig Burston a... more

  • runningonair Out of Process (CD, £5.95)

    label: Runningonair Music

    Out of Process is a beguiling amalgam of influences. A matrix of piano music, field recordings, strings, ingenious samples and ch... more

  • Found 5 result(s).