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  • witchdoktors Brain Machine (CD + CD EP, £7.00)

    label: One Louder

  • '57 lesbian Destination: Nowhere (US CD, £10.00)

  • 'o'rang Herd of Instinct (CD, £5.00)

    label: echo

  • (charged) g b h A Fridge Too Far (VHS video, £20.00)

  • (charged) g b h Do What You Do (7", £7.00)

  • (charged) g b h From Here to Reality (LP, £14.00)

  • (charged) g b h Give Me Fire (7" pic disc, £4.00)

  • (charged) g b h Give Me Fire (7" (no pic), £1.50)

  • (charged) g b h Leather, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boys (LP autographed by 3 members, £16.00)

  • (charged) g b h Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne (LP, £6.00)

  • (charged) g b h No Need to Panic (LP, £10.00)

  • (charged) g b h No Survivors (7", £4.50)

  • (charged) g b h No Survivors (LP, £14.00)

  • (charged) g.b.h. City Baby Attacked By Rats (LP, £12.00)

  • (charged) g.b.h. City Baby Attacked By Rats (pic disc LP, £12.00)

    label: captain oi

    Picture disc edition of this legendary UK punk title, the band's LP debut

  • (david) yazbek Welcome to My World (German 4-track CD, £4.00)

  • (hed) p.e. Serpent Boy (US promo 5-track CD, £1.00)

  • (made on earth) The Lost Girl (4-track 12", £2.00)

  • (my life with the) thrill kill kult The Days of Swine and Roses/K M F D M Naive (Belgian 12", £5.00)

  • 1,000 mexicans The Art of Love (7", £7.00)

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