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  • 'little' roy wiggins The Fabulous Steel Guitar Artistry of (coloured vinyl LP, £25.95)

    Pedal steel virtuoso 'Little' Roy Wiggins presents a collection of Hawaiian-themed instrumentals, showcasing his tone, touch and approach in the guise... more

  • ******** [the drink] The Drink [********] (CD, £10.50)

    label: Weird World

    ******** are re-releasing their first and final record ‘The Drink’.  ‘The Drink’ is a twelve-track album addressing a duo’s contemporary a... more

  • ******** [the drink] The Drink [********] (double LP, £23.75)

    label: Weird World

    ******** are re-releasing their first and final record ‘The Drink’.  ‘The Drink’ is a twelve-track album addressing a duo’s contemporary a... more

  • 10 years of sotones  (140g vinyl double LP, £16.50)

    Compilation in gatefold 180gsm litho-printed sleeve. Running time: 1h 8mins. Strictly limited edition of 500. Features all-new recordings by: Band of ... more

  • 13th floor elevators Live (CD, £12.75)

    Originally released in 1968 on the International Artists label, here on CD, this was the band's third album... and not really a live release. The trac... more

  • 1939 ensemble Beats and Saints (12", £14.95)

    Since its inception, the music of Portland, Oregon’s 1939 Ensemble has always explored the relationship between rhythm and melody. On the quartet’s ne... more

  • 2:13pm Matkormao: Original Soundtrack (LP, £15.50)

    This drone/ambient score by 2:13PM won the prize for the best soundtrack at the Grand Prix SACEM 2016. A download code for the movie is included with ... more

  • 47soul Balfron Promise (CD, £10.75)

    label: cooking vinyl

    47SOUL - the Arab electronic hip-hop supergroup, with members from Palestine and Jordan - release their full-length debut. For the last two years the... more

  • 62 miles from space Time Shifts (red vinyl 12", £13.50)

    label: Mega Dodo

    62 Miles From Space is a two-piece virtual music project founded in Moscow consisting of Neil Davidson (samples, programming) and Roman Kutnov (guitar... more

  • 77:78 Love Said (Let's Go) (7", £6.50)

    label: heavenly

  • 77tm P.I.G. (clear vinyl 12", £14.75)

    'P.I.G.' (post-industrial geometry) is the second EP by 77TM, offering a dive into old-school electro and minimal synth. Five tracks, plus a cover of ... more

  • a la ping pong Extrem Musik a la Ping Pong Phase 1 (LP, £26.95)

    A rare official reissue from 1999, made in Germany. First album by Klaus Bloch, originally released in Germany in 1980 as a private pressing. Atmosphe... more

  • aalko No Man Is An Island EP (12", £8.95)

    The No Man Is An Island EP is a single cut from the debut album of the same name by Aalko, a new project by Kebko Music founder Akiko Kiyama. Renowned... more

  • above & beyond Common Ground (CD, £9.25)

    The next monumental step in Above & Beyond’s illustrious career is upon us. The band’s album is released on their own Anjunabeats imprint. 1. The Inco... more

  • abyss x Pleasures of the Bull (12", £9.50)

    Taking its title from a Minoan legend that deals with rage, greed and destruction, the latest release from Abyss X expands and reconstructs conception... more

  • accelerators Let's Turn It Up (CD, £10.95)

    This superb 4th album by The Accelerators is a wonderful release which combines precise performances, great material and faultless production. The b... more

  • access to arasaka / dirk geiger / erode Reports from the Abyss (CD, £22.75)

    As early as in the year 2012 electronic solo artists Access To Arasaka, Erode and Dirk Geiger started reflecting about combining their powers and work... more

  • achilifunk sound system X Peteneras (LP, £20.75)

    'X Peteneras' represents an exciting chapter in Achilifunk's flamenco-rumba experimentation saga. The 10 tracks are built on distorted samplers of old... more

  • acid bowie Acid Bowie (LP, £18.95)

    White Label-only LP from mystery artist... ”Ziggy Stardust’s yet unheard instrumental album after he returned from a trip on his Gemini spaceship”...... more

  • aesop rock The Impossible Kid (CD, £7.25)

    label: Rhymesayers

    Indie-rap mainstay Aesop Rock’s album, The Impossible Kid, marks his first solo venture since 2012’s Skelethon. On the new album, Aesop continues find... more

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