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  • 1919 Bloodline (140g red vinyl LP, £15.95)

    The band formed in December 1980 in the UK, Bradford and set about recording heavy, melodic, intense tribel music with no frills and pretentions. The... more

  • 3rd ear experience Stoned Gold (CD, £16.50)

    The fifth album by this California-based space rock band contains more raw aggressive heavy space rock, but not without revealing plenty of emotion

  • 7 seconds New Wind (LP, £20.95)

    label: better youth organization

    More poppier hardcore than their previous releases

  • abattoir & satori Aether (CD, £15.75)

    A collaborative work between Italy's Lorenzo Abattoir and legendary UK project Satori. 'Aether' is a densely constructed and multi-layered assemblage ... more

  • abjects Gone (12", £8.25)

    “They’re classic 60’s but still sound relevant, have presence, confidence and are raw. They’re effortlessly cool” - Silent Radio. “Short and snappy w... more

  • accused They Should've Had Red Hair!! (CD, £8.25)

    label: Only Fit for the Bin

    Brace yourselves… Finally here is the album The Accused should have made back in 1978 when they FIRST formed. 40 years later the Accused have now sav... more

  • acid pauli Selected Indianer Works (Songs from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 'Es War Einmal Indianerland') (LP, £18.95)

    Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan's label Ouïe proudly presents the original film score and soundtrack album for the new German movie 'Es war einmal Indianer... more

  • adicts Sound of Music (180g vinyl LP, £15.95)

    Reissue with original artwork of the second LP by the Clockwork Orange-inspired melodic UK punk band from the '80s. Includes their hit 'Chinese Takeaw... more

  • agathocles If This Is Gore, What's Meat Then? (LP, £20.75)

    Spanning the past thirty years and counting, the Agathocles discography is one of the most extensive in all of grindcore and, more broadly, the entir... more

  • al lover Cave Ritual (LP, £9.95)

    Al Lover is a producer from San Francisco, but there’s more layers to his wall of sound than meets the ear. Over the last few years he has gained much... more

  • al lover Cave Ritual Redux (coloured vinyl LP, £14.75)

    The LP is pressed (in a limited edition) on jelly swirl green vinyl. For those who aren’t already familiar with the workings of Al Lover then allow St... more

  • albion country band Battle of the Field (CD, £6.25)

    label: Beat Goes On

  • alejandro escovedo A Man Under the Influence (Deluxe Bourbonitis Edition) (double LP, £20.75)

    label: bloodshot

    Originally released in 2001, 'A Man Under the Influence' cemented Alejandro's place as one of the premier performers and songwriters to call Texas ho... more

  • alessandro alessandroni Lost & Found (180g vinyl LP + CD, £29.95)

    A collection of previously unreleased soundtrack cuts and library treasures from the Italian Maestro. This edition is limited to 500 copies, including... more

  • american dog Unfinished Business (double CD, £14.25)

    Live and unreleased tracks from the 100% kick-ass rock 'n’ rollers. Disc two was recorded during the 2016 tour with Tesla. Disc One 1. Barely Half Ali... more

  • amity affliction Seems Like Forever (DVD, £3.25)

  • amplifier Record (4-track 12", £16.50)


1. Kaleidoscope 
2. Repeater 
3. Crystal Ball
 4. Chase Away

  • anderson east Encore (CD, £10.95)

    Track Listing
 1. King For A Day 2. This Too Shall Last 3. House Is A Building 4. Sorry You’re Sick 5. If You Keep Leaving Me 6. Girl... more

  • anna ternheim All the Way to Rio (LP, £14.50)

    Track Listing 1All the Way to Rio 2Waving His Hello 34 in the Morning 4Holding On 5Maya 6Battered Soul 7Keep Me in the Dark 8Dreams of Blue

  • anti-flag / bouncing souls B.Y.O. Split Series Vol. IV (LP, £20.95)

    label: better youth organization

    Six songs from each band

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