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  • transcendence orchestra Modern Methods for Ancient Rituals (LP, £24.50)

    Deploying a range of ancient and modern instruments and effects including Buchla Music Easel, harmonium, shruti box, bass guitar, hurdy-gurdy, Electro... more

  • black label society Catacombs of the Black Vatican (CD, £3.95)

    Catacombs of the Black Vatican will stand as an enduring testament to Black Label Society’s sheer force of will and mastery of each and every musical ... more

  • eldamar A Dark Forgotten Past (CD, £11.95)

    The 2017 album by this atmospheric black metal/ambient project from Askim, Norway, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, heathenism, elven magic and nature. Thi... more

  • sendelica The Cromlech Chronicles II (CD, £16.50)

    With the ethos of '70s musical communes like Japanese band Taj Mahal Travellers in mind, Sendelica added some unusual personnel to its usual core, f.i... more

  • sumokem The Guardian of Yosemite (double LP, £29.50)

    Debut album by progressive doom/sludge four piece Sumokem from Little Rock, U.S.A. Sumokem understand exactly what their fans want from a doom band an... more

  • henrik rylander Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet (LP, £17.50)

    Like a message in a bottle, carried round by the ocean streams for decades, Henrik Rylander’s album ”Från En Obestämd Plats I Rummet” has floated arou... more

  • moths & locusts Helios Rising (LP, £23.95)

    The second full-length by this Canadian psych/space rock band with ties to CAN legend Damo Suzuki's Sound Carriers

  • moof issue 1  (Magazine, £10.95)

    40+ pages of the grooviest articles and interviews on psychedelic music, film, culture, and art. Folk-rock hero, Keith Christmas, talks about his albu... more

  • arteaga Vol. II Dios Sol (CD, £7.25)

    A major player in the current South American stoner rock movement, Arteaga combine stoner rock, noise, and space rock into one cohesive sound. This ve... more

  • arrows of love PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack to the Impending Societal Collapse (CD, £11.50)

    The 5-piece led by co-writers Nima and Nuha resembles more of a collective than a band, having collaborated onstage with musicians from Flamingods to ... more


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  • let's eat grandma I, Gemini (CD, £8.25)

  • let's eat grandma I, Gemini (green vinyl LP, £17.50)

  • foxygen Hang (CD, £8.25)

  • deerhoof Fever 121614 (CD, £8.50)

  • scott hirsch Blue Rider Songs (LP, £20.75)

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