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  • give me love: songs of the brokenhearted - baghdad, 1925-1929  (double CD, £10.50)

    label: honest jon's

    In the mid-1920s The Gramophone Company - soon before it became EMI - employed two or three Europeans to criss-cross Iraq. They logged regional demogr... more

  • miranda Growing Heads Above the Roof (CD, £16.50)

    The third album of the Italian band Miranda. Their sound can be described as LCD Soundsystem played by Oneida.

  • j. fernandez Occasional Din (CD, £11.50)

    Occasional Din is a sunny shoebox diorama for the eternal pessimist. Over the past decade, songs by Chicago artist J Fernandez have appeared like unex... more

  • scntfc Old Man's Journey (double 10", £41.95)

    With Old Man’s Journey, composer SCNTFC achieves something almost magically emotional. The game’s narrative is derived from the memories of the hero c... more

  • senyawa Sujud (CD, £14.25)

    label: Sublime Frequencies

    Senyawa are a contemporary duo originating from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Rully Shabara (extreme vocals) coupled with Wukir Suryadi's deft instrumentals ... more

  • almandino quite deluxe Violent Potato (CD, £13.95)

    Bluescore rules! This is the 2007 album from the most impertinent Italian rock'n'roll duo from Bologna. 'Violent Potato' has been recorded with Jim Di... more

  • east side story vol. 1  (LP, £41.50)

    The first volume of is classic compilation series collecting great soul and funk cuts from the golden era. Included are tracks from The Intruders, The... more

  • helio sequence Keep Your Eyes Ahead (double LP, £23.75)

    label: sub pop

    This reissue celebrates the tenth anniversary of The Helio Sequence’s landmark ‘Keep Your Eyes Ahead’ with a full remaster of the original album plu... more

  • penelope's fiance Self Taught Lies (MC, £4.75)

    Lo-fi Techno from Greece's Penelope's Fiance. TRACKLIST: 1. SALVATION COMES WITH A COST, 2. SELF EXALTATION, 3. SWEETHEART GRIPS, 4. SELF TAUGHT LIES,... more

  • tea street band Frequency (CD, £8.75)

    Over their time together, Liverpool’s The Tea Street Band have created something of a cult following across the UK. Yet, further afield, during their ... more


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  • john carpenter / trent reznor and atticus ross Halloween / Halloween (Version) (12", £10.50)

  • gears Let's Go to the Beach (7", £7.95)

  • us and them On Shipless Ocean (CD, £10.75)

  • even as we speak Feral Pop Frenzy (CD, £11.50)

  • thalia zedek band Fighting Season (CD, £12.75)

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