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  • pungent stench For God Your Soul... for Me Your Flesh (digipak double CD, £12.75)

    "For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh" is the debut album of the Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench, originally released in 1990 by Nuclear B... more

  • real mckenzies Clash of the Tartans (CD, £11.95)

    label: Sudden Death

    20th Anniversary re-release. Newly remastered, this is the album that launched one of the most entertaining and hard working bands on the planet. Led... more

  • dead brothers Angst (CD, £10.75)

    label: Voodoo Rhythm

    Hundreds of notes by violins and tubas, banjos and Wurlitzers, cisters from Emmental and Swiss bagpipes, a positif from the the Vosgian mountains, aci... more

  • duo emilia lajunen & suvi oskala Piilokisa (CD, £12.50)

    Emilia Lajunen and Suvo Oskala about their album 'Piilokisa' ('Hidden Frolic'): "Making this album, we wanted the joy of playing music, communication ... more

  • mayhem Live In Jessheim (180g vinyl LP, £17.25)

    label: peaceville

    The classic Mayhem line-up performing their legendary Black Metal tracks in Jessheim, Norway, 1990. First official release, presented on black 180gm ... more

  • prhyme Prhyme 2 (CD, £11.25)

    PRhyme 2 is the second official full-length collaboration from two of Hip-Hop’s most respected artists. PRhyme marks the first time that DJ Premier ... more

  • will long Royal Blue / Mustard (12", £9.95)

    label: smalltown supersound

    Since 2005, Long has produced ambient music under the name Celer, and is a member of the pop music band Oh, Yoko with Miko. He curates and manages the... more

  • recitation Carrion (LP, £18.50)

    RECITATION is a Danish outfit carrying a unique approach in their effortless blend of doom, death metal and a mind-bending psychedelic vibe. Carrion" ... more

  • blues goes on The Blues Goes On (CD, £11.50)

    label: Gearfab

    Unpolished exploitation basement psych rock from Hamburg, with a genuinely stoned underground vibe, wasted vocals and stunning guitar brilliance! Orig... more

  • hot snakes Jericho Sirens (LP, £21.95)

    label: sub pop

    After a 14-year hiatus from the studio, Hot Snakes have triumphantly kicked down the door back into our lives with their new album, ‘Jericho Sirens’.... more


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  • revolutionary spirit: the sound of liverpool 1976-1988  (5 CD boxed set, £35.95)

  • joe henderson & alice coltrane The Elements (CD, £6.50)

  • bradford Thirty Years of Shouting Quietly (double CD, £9.50)

  • h.c. mcentire Lionheart (LP, £17.50)

  • nick oliveri N.O. Hits At All Vol. 4 (coloured vinyl LP, £23.50)

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