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  • prettiest eyes Pools (CD, £12.75)

    "Very pleased to be working with Prettiest Eyes. I first saw them ages ago at the Satellite and they were cake-takers that night. Now, they are stro... more

  • todd rundgren & utopia Live At the Old Waldorf (gold vinyl LP, £26.95)

  • fiction aisle Jupiter, Florida (CD, £9.95)

    Thomas James White is nothing if not prolific. Jupiter, Florida is the third album in just two years from his latest project The Fiction Aisle and is ... more

  • sin fang, sóley & Örvar smárason Team Dreams (CD, £12.75)

    label: Morr Music

    Three of Reykjavík's most prolific and creative musicians have joined hands on this spontaneous new project."Team Dreams" is the collaborative album o... more

  • hot snakes Automatic Midnight (CD, £10.50)

    label: sub pop

    Hot Snakes’ first studio album originally came out in 2000. Both the band and the album began as a ‘side project’ for John Reis in June 1999, during ... more

  • muslimgauze Mullah Said (double LP, £28.50)

    label: staalplaat

    These five lengthy tracks are based on hypnotic and somewhat menacing grooves: a repetitive dub bass beat, waves of Middle Eastern strings and voices ... more

  • neutral zone Hogofogo (LP, £17.75)

    Award-winning Swiss producer (of Klaus Johann Grobe a.o.) and electro-innovator David Langhard a.k.a. Neutral Zone play organically crafted krautrock ... more

  • tess parks & anton newcombe Cocaine Cat (clear vinyl 10", £4.75)

    This is a collaboration between Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) which was recorded in Berlin early in 2014 & the summer of 2014... more

  • kinks Live on the Air 1964-1965 (numbered brown vinyl LP, £21.95)

    Here are The Kinks at their garage best, captured live on stage in 1964 and 1965. Included are wild renditions of 'Cadillac', 'You Really Got Me' (two... more

  • nicklas sørensen Solo 2 (CD, £12.75)

    Nicklas Sørensen's second solo effort away from his main stint as guitar player in Papir is a more placid, blissful listen than his first solo venture... more


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  • band of horses Why Are You OK (CD, £4.75)

  • nadia reid Preservation (CD, £10.95)

  • deerhoof Fever 121614 (CD, £8.50)

  • laraaji Sun Gong (clear vinyl LP, £16.75)

  • real estate In Mind (LP, £16.50)

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