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  • stephen malkmus and the jicks Sparkle Hard (silver vinyl LP, £24.95)

    label: domino

    ‘Sparkle Hard’ is light ’n’ breezy, head-down heavy, audacious, melancholic and reflective, good-time and bodacious and it pulls off the smartest ... more

  • plastic cloud The Plastic Cloud (180g vinyl LP, £21.75)

    label: Lion Productions

    In 1968, the Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This is one hip album, full of catchy melodies an... more

  • malphino Visit Malphino (CD, £8.50)

    label: Lex

    Malphino is a mysterious band from an imaginative tropical island of the same name that plays cumbia and a heady mix of exotic sounds. Their music ser... more

  • james bay Electric Light (CD, £13.95)

    Track Listing 1Intro 2Wasted On Each Other 3Pink Lemonade 4Wild Love 5Us 6In My Head 7Interlude 8Just for Tonight 9Wanderlust 10I Found You... more

  • surgeon Screw the Roses (12", £7.50)

    Limited repress of classic Surgeon 12” on Counterbalance

  • autoramas Libido (LP, £17.50)

    label: Soundflat

    Brazil’s crazy garage‐pop‐punkers AUTORAMAS have a dangerously powerful LP – and what a wild one it is! With “Libido”, the group returns... more

  • kelly willis Back Being Blue (LP, £14.95)

    “I attempted to make music that could fit in any era. But leans on the simplicity of the music that first inspired me. Roots rockabilly country blues,... more

  • sinfol & octual Absolute Infinity EP (4-track 12", £10.75)

    Milan based collective Just This are proud to present the ‘Absolute Infinity EP’, a joint release from Netherlands-based producers Sinfol and Octual. ... more

  • buried country  (LP, £17.50)

    Compilation of Aboriginal Australian country music. When we say country, it is a broader category than you might imagine. This LP contains all kinds... more

  • little unsaid Selected Works (CD, £9.25)

    label: Reveal

    For 2017’s acclaimed Imagined Hymns and Chaingang Mantras album, songwriter John Elliott invited Radiohead/Jonny Greenwood producer Graeme Stewart t... more


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  • josh t. pearson The Straight Hits! (CD, £10.50)

  • franz ferdinand Always Ascending (CD, £10.50)

  • cavern of anti-matter Hormone Lemonade (CD, £10.50)

  • beach house 7 (LP, £19.75)

  • jonathan wilson Rare Birds (gold vinyl double LP, £27.95)

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