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  • lowtide Southern Mind (LP, £16.50)

    Blending upbeat dream pop with melancholy shoegaze, the band create a complex, layered sound. Wrapped in a warm glow of chiming guitars and compelling... more

  • the exorcist gbg The Exorcist GBG (LP, £17.50)

    Pure DDR-groove! The Exorcist is a Gothenburg-based trio consisting of Osynlige Mann, Pontus and Petrus - members from bands as Uran, Tentakel and Sor... more

  • damo suzuki & jelly planet Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet (double LP, £33.95)

    label: cleopatra

    A totally mind blowing collaboration between legendary Can vocalist Damo Suzuki and German experimentalists Jelly Planet. Boasting an incredible sonic... more

  • poliça and s t a r g a z e Music for the Long Emergency (digipak CD, £10.50)

    label: transgressive

    s t a r g a z e is an ever-evolving project, marrying modern composition with alternative attitudes and sounds. Transgressive Records started workin... more

  • nina simone Vivid Sound (digipak CD, £8.75)

    Classic soul album featuring many of Nina’s greatest songs, including ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’.  Nina’s debut album.  Original ... more

  • frank bretschneider Lunik (CD, £12.75)

    label: Shitkatapult

    It moves, it sings... but does it swing? Anyway, it represents the soundtrack of my life, my musical influences: some San Francisco psychedelia, some ... more

  • konami kukeiha club Kid Dracula: Original Video Game Soundtrack (splatter vinyl 10", £22.95)

    Pressed on RED AND BLACK SPLATTER VINYL, this is the soundtrack to the 1990 Famicom release

  • nebula Let It Burn (CD, £12.75)

    label: Heavy Psych Sounds

    Guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano formed Nebula in 1997 after breaking away from desert rock pioneers Fu Manchu, eventually recruiting ba... more

  • sophia kennedy Being Special (3-track 10", £7.25)

    The April 2017 release of avant pop artist Sophia Kennedy’s self-titled album was a watershed moment for both the American-born artist and Pampa Recor... more

  • meters Cabbage Alley (LP, £25.50)

    Few funk groups have had as far-reaching an influence as New Orleans band The Meters, the project of keyboardist/vocalist Art Neville, and the famed h... more


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  • skids Burning Cities (LP, £16.50)

  • s. carey Hundred Acres (LP, £17.25)

  • s. carey Hundred Acres (CD, £9.50)

  • ty segall Freedom's Goblin (double LP, £22.50)

  • skids Burning Cities (CD + 4-track CD, £11.95)

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