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  • sacrilege Within the Prophecy (LP, £18.95)

    “Within The Prophecy”, a cult record, filling the gap between Crust, Thrash and early Death Metal! Sacrilege’s second full-length deserves definitive... more

  • dita von teese Dita Von Teese (pink vinyl LP, £17.95)

    Who is Dita Von Teese, whom this album tries to portray? An expert in the art of kindling desire who has revived the art of American Burlesque? An int... more

  • odeon Galaxies (180g vinyl LP, £17.50)

    Take the mellow melodies of Talk Talk and the celestial guitar riffs of Cocteau Twins bound together with some heavy Goblin-inspired bass lines and yo... more

  • stonebridge Heavy Envelope (orange vinyl LP, £18.95)

    The third full-length from the highly regarded Croatian stoner rock band, incorporating elements of heavy rock, psych, doom and prog

  • damo suzuki & jelly planet Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet (double LP, £33.95)

    label: cleopatra

    A totally mind blowing collaboration between legendary Can vocalist Damo Suzuki and German experimentalists Jelly Planet. Boasting an incredible sonic... more

  • room outside The Room Outside (LP, £19.95)

    This dreamy desert rock trio was led by Texas songwriter Karrie Hopper, accompanied by her sister Roxane on bass and back-up vocals. Karrie's 2006 sol... more

  • graham day and the forefathers Love Me Lies / 30-60-90 (clear vinyl 7", £8.50)

    The crucial ingredients of The Prisoners, Prime Movers, Solarflares and The Gaolers extracted and squeezed into one stripped-down power trio. Graham D... more

  • belle and sebastian How to Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1-3) (CD, £9.95)

    label: matador

    Harking back to their 1997 release of three consecutive EPs (‘Dog On Wheels’, ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’ and ‘3... 6... 9 Seconds Of Light’), Belle a... more

  • landstrom Whitewater (CD, £13.50)

    Swedish duo Landstrom proudly presents their fourth album. Nine tracks of beauty and melancholy - Americana noir Nordic style. Reviews of previous a... more

  • u.s. girls In a Poem Unlimited (CD, £9.95)

    label: 4ad

    2017 marks a decade of U.S. Girls, the protean musical enterprise of multi-disciplinary artist, Meg Remy. Today, Remy presents her sixth studio albu... more


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  • joel gion Joel Gion (CD, £11.50)

  • baxter dury Prince of Tears (LP, £17.50)

  • rosemary & garlic Rosemary & Garlic (LP, £15.50)

  • bonny doon Bonny Doon (CD, £10.95)

  • ty segall Freedom's Goblin (CD, £10.50)

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