• boom box 2000 Boom Box 2000 (CD, £9.50)

    label: Orange Twin

    If you like Batman and Robin, a.k.a. "The Dynamic Duo", the Beastie Boys or professional wrestling, you'll love Boom Box 2000. They're HHHHHHOT!!!!!!! hoot! hoot! The self-titled debut album "Boombox 2000" will surely go down in history as a rap masterpiece. That is no joke. Idiot savants DJCJ (Chris Jolly) and Misterlaw (Kenny Law) have forged this most sincere of hip-hop albums out of a year of insanity, homelessness and tireless research into the world of music. With its roots in Athens, GA, Boom Box 2000 produced their debut album on a budget of literally nothing in various locations ranging from the County Landfill, to the cars they were living in, to hostels in New Orleans. The sheer fact that BB2K is still alive and still making music in Brooklyn NY is impossibly true; never fake, always fun. In the spirit of Hip Hop music, Boom Box 2000 composed this 13-track album utilising everything from Macintosh computers to nose flutes. Humorous as it is, "Boom Box 2000" challenges the boundaries of what may otherwise be known as music. Fans and critics alike agree on one thing... this album forces you to listen to it again and again, whether you like it or not. Everyone has a different favorite song, be it the romantic "Girls We Like", the obsessive "Where's the Beat?", or instrumentals like "Treats" and "Time for Class". Unknowingly or not, Boom Box 2000 has designed the perfect album and has cultivated a surprisingly large and enthusiastic fan club. Lyrically and melodically designed for fun, Boom Box 2000 is a sure-fire creative classic for party people and wallflowers alike.

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