• theoretical girls Theoretical Record (1978-1981) (CD, £13.25)

    label: Acute

    Classic No Wave album as featured in Marc Masters recently published book ‘No Wave’ released by Black Dog Publishing...the people behind the critically acclaimed books on Warp, Rough Trade, Riot Girl.... Over the last few years a great deal of attention has been paid to the NYC No Wave scene of the late 70s. There have been books, movies, and quite a few reissues/issues of classic and essential music. At the heart of all these reissues is Acute’s first ever release, the Theoretical Girls’ Theoretical Record. And at the heart of the Theoretical Girls, was Jeffrey Lohn. Jeffrey Lohn is an artist, composer, writer, teacher and plumber. During the genesis of the No Wave scene, he hosted late night concerts in his Soho loft, where artists like Tim Wright, Laurie Anderson and Nina Canal would gather and perform music. The No Wave scene was filled with artists, non-musicians, improvisers and composers who were being inspired by the energy and aesthetics, if not the sound, of the cresting CB’s punk scene. The raw and aggressive punk of bands like the Dead Boys were of particular interest to Lohn, who wanted to combine his "serious" compositions with the raw energy of punk rock. Finding likeminded people such as Glenn Branca (gtr, bass, vocals), Margaret Dewyss (organ, bass, vocals), and Wharton Tiers (drums, vocals), he formed the Theoretical Girls. Acute’s release of Theoretical Record collects over an hour of Jeffrey Lohn’s material. Now, for the first time in decades, his songs and sound will get the credit they are due. TRACKLIST: 1. Theoretical Girls (live), 2. Computer Dating, 3. Contrary Motion, 4. Europe Man, 5. Lovin in the Red, 6. Mom & Dad, 7. U.S. Millie, 8. No More Sex, 9. Keyboard Etude, 10. Nato, 11. Electronic Angie (short version), 12. Chicita Bonita, 13. Polytonal, 14. Parlez-vous Francais, 15. Theoretical Girls (studio), 16. Chicita Bonita (second version), 17. Lovin in the Red (second version), 18. Computer Dating (second version), 19. Electronic Angie (second version)

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