• television personalities Closer to God (CD, £11.50)

    label: fire

    The Television Personalities had been brooding for three years since the release of ‘Privilege’, an album that took us to Salvador Dali’s Garden Party, among other muses, and aroused All Music to conclude that things were getting dark. ‘Closer To God’ closed the curtains and ensured they were blackout standard. ‘Closer To God’, as with all TVP albums, is mightily personal. Dan Treacy provides the antidote to the opening of the ill-fated Disneyland Paris and the first McDonald’s in China – it’s a white knuckle ride through his innermost hopes and fears with off stage giggling, half heard dialogue and feedback that sounds like an opera is expiring in an adjoining L-shaped room. Pop culture is well thumbed, a nod to Anthony Burgess, the films of Joseph Losey (The Servant, The Go-Between, The Prowler) but for all the whimsy this is an album of self-analysis, a shopping list of broken promises and dashed daydreams which musically travels through lullaby to rage, from Fab Fourland to jangly Byrds-on-a-budget punk all packed neatly into three minute slices perfect for a hospital radio playlist where sectioned surrealists cast no reflection. Except, of course, for the glorious grandeur and heavy grunge of the title track that sounds like the blueprint for every Peter Doherty song. At over eleven minutes it’s an anthemic quasi-religious paean to growing up and learning little by recognised means. “They still haven't lost the knack of pulling a good tune from seemingly nowhere or coming up with an idea that will tug at your sleeve for attention. A good time is had by all.” NME // “AH YES, the TV Personalities. A grotesque parody of media manipulation?” The Face // 1.You Don't Know How Lucky You Are 2. Hard Luck Story Number 39 3. Little Works Of Art 4. Razorblades & Lemonade 5. Coming Home Soon 6. Me And My Big Ideas 7. Honey For The Bears 8. I See Myself In You 9. Goodnight Mr. Spaceman. 10. My Very First Nervous Breakdown 11. We Will Be Your Gurus 12. You Are Special And You Always Will Be 13. Not For The Likes Of Us 14. You're Younger Than You Know 15. Very Dark Today 16. I Hope You Have A Nice Day 17. This Heart's Not Made Of Stone 18. Baby, You're Only As Good As You Should Be 19. Closer To God

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