• sad lovers and giants E Mail from Eternity - the Best of (CD, £9.75)

    label: anagram

    This Best Of has 18 tracks that cover the band's colourful and varied career. Included are the Indie hits, Things We Never Did and The Best Film He Ever Made. Sad Lovers And Giants still enjoy a significant following in Europe, especially Spain where they regularly play in front of crowds of over 5000 people! Tracklist: 1. THINGS WE NEVER DID 2. CLINT 3. ALICE (ISNT PLAYING) 4. ART (BY ME) 5. IMAGINATION 6. COWBOYS 7. ON ANOTHER DAY 8. SLEEP (IS FOR EVERYONE) 9. IN FLUX 10. THE BEST FILM HE EVER MADE 11. WHITE RUSSIANS 12. TAKE SEVEN 13. SEVEN KINDS OF SIN 14. RETURN TO CLOCKTOWER LODGE 15. ONE MANS HELL 16. ALASKA 17. THE SKY IS A GLOVE 18. THINGS WE NEVER DID (DE PUTA MADRE LIVE VERSION)

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