• reigns We Lowered a Microphone Into the Ground (CD, £4.15)

    label: Jonson Family

    Consisting of a duo of brothers from the Somerset/Dorset borders, who previously were in Christmas with Rob Ellis. One toured the world as guitarist with PJ Harvey and was also in Spleen. Close comparisons to the music have been Kevin Ayers, Steve Reich and David Grubbs, with a touch of Warp/Fat Cat/Leaf eclectic manipulation. Aided and abetted by guitars, pianos and ghost voices through vocoders. “Sinister, yet sublime; atmospherics that caress the individual back to life like a loved one's hand across a forehead.” - Drowned in sound. “Makes me think of the prog segments of Kevin Ayers's 'Confessions of Dr. Dream' but, instead of Nico's voice rifling in through the hedges, what you hear is a loop of something sad and pre-literate. Very cool.” - The Wire.

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