• reigns Styne Vallis (CD, £4.15)

    label: Jonson Family

    Styne Vallis is a lost village, submerged by a reservoir. This album, Reigns’ second, documents some findings from the surrounding area and the reservoir itself. Based in Wessex, England, Reigns keep themselves to themselves then supply Jonson Family with the music and art. Word of mouth took the debut all around the world, it seeped into some very unexpected places. 9/10 in Drowned In Sound. A Radio One Session for Huw Stephens. Orders from Chile, Mexico, throughout Europe, America and Australia. The Milk Factory said: “a truly intriguing piece of work, so fragile and delicate it threatens to collapse at any time, but holds on with style”. The Wire had some words for the 7”: “Reigns describe their sound as "pastoral electronica", but it's a whole lot more human based than that description lets on…elegantly tapered backwards rhythm motifs into clouds of pus and gristle.”

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