• battery For the Rejected By the Rejected (orange vinyl LP, £22.25)

    label: revelation

    BATTERY were a staple of the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene during the í90s, formed by a whoís who of that scene, including members of DAMNATION A.D., BETTER THAN A THOUSAND, SHELTER, ASHES and WORLDS COLLIDE. From 1991-1998 the band released numerous EPs and LPs that have mostly been in high demand for reissues leading up to Revelation Records reissuing Whatever It Takes in 2014. To coincide with the bandís appearances at Damaged City Fest in D.C. and Rev Fest in California in 2017, BATTERY has hand-selected their favourite tracks from throughout their career for this release, presenting only the most powerful of their output. Only the diehard remain! Digital download included. TRACKLIST 1. Has Been 2. These Are The Days 3. Go Back To The Gym 4. Brand New Place 5. Why Is She In Pain 6. What Iíd Give 7. Success Story 8. In Our Hands 9. Do You Believe 10. Thatíll Never Be Me 11. Trapped 12. Throughout 13. Never Forget 14. Only The Diehard Remain

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