• prefects The Prefects Are Amateur Wankers (CD, £12.95)

    label: Acute

    Why doesn’t anyone remember the Prefects? Some remember the band they became, the Nightingales, who on Rough Trade and Cherry Red records, blazed trails similar to The Fall and Mekons. But England ’s the Prefects, leaving few artifacts, are the great coulda-shoulda been post-punk band of the late ’70s. Rubbing shoulders with Wire, Joy Division, the Slits, and the Clash, the Prefects garnered critical acclaim for both their terse and witty punk outbursts and their intense art/post-punk experiments. Acute Records is excited to present for the first time ever their complete studio recordings plus two live tracks for the definitive Prefects collection. With this long overdue reissue, the Prefects’ place among the most significant UK bands of the post-punk era will be restored. Includes extensive liner notes written by members of the band and the "fifth" Prefect, roadie, sometimes manager Helen Apperly (plus rare photos and flyers). Includes 2 otherwise unrecorded live songs. "625 Lines" was recorded in 1977 at the final night of the Electric Circus club in Manchester where the Prefects shared the bill with The Fall, Buzzcocks, Magazine and Warsaw (later known as Joy Division.) John Peel’s favourite, the 7 second long "VD" was recorded during a 2001 reunion performance. TRACKLIST: Faults, Escort Girls, Going Through the Motions, Things in General, Barbarellas, Total Luck, 625 Lines, Agony Column, Bristol Road Leads to Dachau, VD

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