• polecats Polecats Are Go! (19-track CD, £9.75)

    label: anagram

    "Polecats Are Go!" features the classic Mercury recordings and also includes a number of bonus tracks, which go to make it a true "Best Of". The Polecats remain a very predominant music force and guitarist Boz Boorer went on to become the main musical collaborator with post-Marr Morrissey, whilst frontman Tim Polecat is still very active and involved in the US West Coast scene, where he now lives, working on music videos. TRACK LISTING: 1. HOW HIGH THE MOON 2. RED, READY, AMBER 3. DON'T CRY BABY 4. MARIE CELESTE 5. BLACK MAGIC 6. DON'T PUSH 7. WE SAY YEAH 8. LITTLE PIG 9. RUNNING BACK 10. BIG GREEN CAR 11. BABY DOLL 12. ALL NIGHT LONG 13. JOHN I'M ONLY DANCING 14. JEEPSTER 15. MAKE A CIRCUIT WITH ME 16. JUVENILE DELINQUENTS FROM A PLANET NEAR MARS 17. DOWN THE LINE 18. HIP HIP BABY 19. MAKE A CIRCUIT WITH ME (12" MIX)

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