• pebbles vol. 3: the acid gallery  (LP, £16.95)

    label: bomp

    Third volume in the infamous series dedicated to original punk rock and psychedelic rock from the fabulous sixties. When AIP Records issued the early volumes of CDs, they omitted some tracks from the corresponding LP for the stated reason that they were already widely available on other anthologies. In this case, the "bonus track" is omitted, along with "Soggy Cereal", by Mike Condello. The other tracks on the LP are included on the CD, although the opening cut has a different song name and a slightly different band name, and the order of the songs is different!! Track listing: 1.Dave Diamond & the Higher Elevation: "Diamond Mine" 2.Teddy & His Patches: "Suzy Creamcheese" 3.Crystal Chandelier: "Suicidal Flowers" 4.William Penn V: "Swami" 5.Jefferson Handkerchief: "I'm Allergic to Flowers" 6.[Bonus Track] Unfolding: Prana (excerpt) 7.The Calico Wall: "Flight Reaction" 8.The Hogs: "Loose Lip Sync Ship" 9.The Driving Stupid: "The Reality of (Air) Fried Borsk" 10 The Third Bardo: "I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time" 11 The Bees: "Voices Green and Purple" 12 .The Monocles: "Spider and the Fly" 13.Godfrey: "Let's Take a Trip" (Kim Fowley)" 14.T. C. Atlantic: "Faces" 15.Mike Condello: "Soggy Cereal" 16.The Lea Riders Group: "Dom Kellar os Mods" 17.The Driving Stupid: "Horror Asparagus Stories" 18.Race Marbles: "Like a Dribbling Fram"

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