• jeff mangum Orange Twin Field Works Vol. 1 (CD, £10.75)

    label: Orange Twin

    Orange Twin Field Works Vol. I is a series of musical doors and paths taking you into areas of Bulgaria and the surrounding regions. Recorded and edited by Jeff Mangum, these recordings amazingly transform the listener into feeling as if he or she were on site watching celebrators march down the streets in suits made of bells or winding through crowds to hear angelic harmonies rising in the distance. The songs are all traditional to the areas in and around Bulgaria and performed by an array of local talent. Jeff Mangum grew up in Ruston, Lousiana, with friends Robert Schnieder (Apples in Stereo) and Will Hart (Olivia Tremor Control), where they formed the music collective known as the Elephant Six Recording Company. Jeff formed Neutral Milk Hotel and released two records prompting tours around much of the world. He still writes songs for Neutral Milk Hotel and also spends much of his time travelling and field recording the musics of the world.

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