• atomic rooster In Hearing of (double LP, £29.50)

    label: akarma

    "In Hearing Of" was a complete departure from what had made them so popular. Another member was added to front the band and his name was Peter French. By 1972 there were more changes that are duly noted on the bonus live cuts. Rick Parnell would sit in on drums and yet another lead singer would be present, Chris Farlowe. "In Hearing Of" was an excellent album because it showed all the capabilities of the group and how they could change the music so intentionally and be able to make it sound viable as a musical entity. It wasn't appreciated in the time it was released, although we are sure today people could listen to this in a different light and realise the marvellous talent that this group commanded regardless of what musical direction they decided to go in. The arrangements were complex and heavily influenced by classical music, just as the groups that came after them.

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