• massimo martellotta One Man Sessions Vol. 2: Unprepared Piano (LP, £14.95)

    After the oneiric journey through synthesisers on Volume 1, entitled 'Synthesis', Massimo Martellotta (founding member of Calibro 35) returns with the second volume of 'One Man Sessions' exploring the tonal possibilities of the classical instrument par excellence: the piano. The instrument is at the centre of the scene, and the prepared piano in the manner of John Cage is here decontextualised and freely "In/Prepared" and reinvented in a very personal way, placing objects of common use on the strings themselves to obtain unprecedented timbres. Starting from its nature as a percussion instrument, the piano is hit, caressed, blocked with rubbers or left to resonate on the capsule of a microphone, or else pinched like a harp or a cymbalon, while it fires with the battery, the vibraphone or the mellotron.

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