• jim mitchells Love Hypnotic (pink vinyl LP, £20.95)

    label: Cardinal Fuzz

    Since the release of their EP 'Planet Absorbed', Sydney's five-piece, The Jim Mitchells have become renowned for their spaced-out take on today's psych rock and garage. It's a music cliché, but boy is it a potent one - you only get one shot at your debut album. 'Love Hypnotic' is the first record from Sydney group The Jim Mitchells and weaves a fascinating spiral between the gaps of psychedelic music. Their music has been acid washed just enough, its swirls appear in the right places and what we're left with is an incredibly enjoyable and new take on retro-fit garage rock. A mature progression from their first release, 'Love Hypnotic' serves as an ode to love and mental struggle. Featuring a softer melodic touch, their debut LP shows a depth and versatility to the group that has not previously been on display. It's a total listening experience as the album moves fluidly into unexpected places, discovering four-to-the-floor rock songs, harmony drenched ballads and plenty of groovy dance numbers. A 230 pressing.

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