• a map of the kingdom of ireland  (CD, £11.50)

    A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland is the sequel to On The Nature and features many of the country’s most creative and celebrated electronica artists in an album that uncannily fuses a diversity of styles from Neo-Prog to Lo-Fi, to Contemporary Classical and more. ”A wide-ranging and intelligent overview of outsider electronic music in Ireland”- The Quietus. “A wake up call for the senses” Audio Magazine Album of the Month” - Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland. These are a few of the enthusiastic notices that greeted On The Nature of Electricity & Acoustics, Heresy’s 2013 anthology of Irish electronic music. A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland will be one of the standout albums of 2018 and like no other album demonstrates the vitality, originality and brilliance of today’s Irish electro-acoustic art music scene. The album features new works by Spooky Ghost (Gerry Leonard, former David Bowie band leader and guitarist), Cathal Coughlan & Fatima Mansions, Daniel Figgis and Richard Evans (Virgin Prunes and Princess Tinymeat), Roger Doyle (The Godfather of Irish Electronica) and the new, never before heard supergroup, GREETINGS. This original and compelling recording that presents the diversity and originality of one of Europe’s most innovative and undiscovered contemporary music scenes. ”17 tracks from a baker’s dozen of cutting-edge talents suggest a varied, vital, thrillingly alive musical terrain teeming with ideas and imagination.” - Classical Ear (UK). ”Everything on the compilation belongs here, and pulls its weight in contributing to the description of an isle brimming with unbridled creativity.” - Spill Magazine (USA). Tracks: Compass / Atop D’Seefin / Timothy Cream’s Crown of Wines / Avant Garde Your Grille / Little Train to Heaven / Eighties Rampwalk / Sleep Circus / Richard Harris Blesses The Dawn Flotilla At Guilvinec / Finale From The Room In The Tower / handsinmyhead / DriftDin / Arcticus / Your Majesty / Stutter / Unscan O’Malley / MeganMix / Wandering Compass

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