• justin hinds and the dominoes From Jamaica With Reggae (CD, £10.75)

    Formed early in the 1960s, Justin Hinds & The Dominoes swiftly became one of Jamaica’s most celebrated vocal trios, their pioneering work with Treasure Isle producer, Duke Reid opening the way for the roots sound that would come to dominate the island’s musical landscape the following decade. The trio of Hinds, backed by old school friends, Dennis Sinclair and Junior Dixon remained hugely popular into the next decade, securing major ska, rock steady and reggae hits that included ‘Carry Go Bring Come’, ‘Rub Up, Push Up’, ‘Here I Stand’, ‘Save A Bread’, ‘Drink Milk’ and ‘Mighty Redeemer’. Duke Reid’s passing resulted in the collaborations with Treasure Isle’s new owner, Sonia Pottinger, which spawned further hits in ‘Oh What A Feeling’, ‘Rig-MaRoe Game’ and ‘Wipe Your Weeping Eyes’. In 1976, the producer also released the group’s long overdue debut album, ‘From Jamaica With Reggae’, which featured some of the trio’s biggest hits to date, along with a number of previously unissued tracks from the preceding eight years. Previously unissued digitally, the LP forms the basis of this collection, with the original dozen tracks bolstered by a further 14 recordings, many of which appear on CD for the first time. TRACK LISTING 1. CARRY GO BRING COME 2. WHATEVER YOU NEED (AKA IF IT'S LOVE YOU NEED) 3. HERE I STAND (ALTERNATE VERSION) 4. DO ALL THE GOOD (AKA ONCE A MAN) 5. YOU DON'T KNOW 6. ON THE LAST DAY 7. SINNERS (WHERE YOU GONNA HIDE) 8. DRINK MILK (ALTERNATE VERSION) 9. THE LITTLE YOU HAVE 10.HEY MAMA (AKA COCK MOUTH KILL COCK) 11. OH WHAT A FEELINGS (AKA WHOLE LOT OF FEELING) 12. TEACH THE YOUTH / BONUS TRACKS 13. MIGHTY REDEEMER 14. SAVE A BREAD 15. MOTHER BANNER 16. YOU SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER 17. THE HIGHER THE MONKEY CLIMBS 18. RUB UP PUSH UP 19. ON A SATURDAY NIGHT 20. BOTHERATION 21. SUFFERATION 1969 22. SAY ME SAY 23. PEACE AND LOVE 24. WARM UP 25. RIG-MA-ROE GAME 26. WIPE YOUR WEEPING EYES

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