• anna Speicher 105 (12", £10.75) due 21-12-2018

    label: Kompakt

    Brazil born, Barcelona based ANNA returns to her new home SPEICHER - for the second time in 2018 - following an incredible breakthrough year. If you went out to a club in 2018 you undoubtedly heard HIDDEN BEAUTIES and touched countless people with her sincere and unabashed passion for techno and DJing. SPEICHER 105 presents a different side of ANNA - her remarkable production skills continue to shine as she looks more inward with REMEMBRANCE. This depth charged masterpiece needed to be concocted into a duel; a broken beat main mix and a four to the floor rendition of which you can choose your own adventure with. WHEN I AM ONLY A DREAM continues the path she trail blazed on SPEICHER 101 that both is punishing and caressing the dance floors of tomorrow. Tracklisting 1 Remembrance (Main Mix) 00:05:42 2 Remembrance (Alt Mix) 00:05:43 3 When I Am Only a Dream 00:06:38