• alien sex fiend Possessed (double LP, £25.95)

    label: cherry red

    Alien Sex Fiend return with their ferocious new album. Packed with pounding rhythms, speaker-shredding guitars, squelchy synthesisers and, of course, Nik Fiend’s latest chainsaw-psychiatry outpourings, “Possessed” puts the Fiends back where they belong, at the top of their own rotten pile. Reunited with Cherry Red after twenty years running their own 13th Moon Records, the Fiends are well and truly BACK. Be afraid. Be who you wanna be. Whatever you do, just be IT. TRACK LISTING: SIDE ONE 1. POSSESSED INTRO 2. SHIT'S COMING DOWN 3. IT'S IN MY BLOOD 4. CARCASS (CARRION MIX) * / SIDE TWO 1. GHOST IN THE MACHINE (DEPTH CHARGE MIX) * 2. AMNESIA 3. SPINE-TINGLER / SIDE THREE 1. GOTTA GET BACK 2. INVISIBLE (THE BEYOND MIX) 3. NEUTRON (BOMBER MIX) * 4. BLOODY REPRISAL / SIDE FOUR ALTERNATE MIXES 1. CARCASS (VORTEX MIX) * 2. INVISIBLE (ELEMENTAL MIX) * 3. SHIT'S COMING DOWN (MONSTER MIX). *MIXES EXCLUSIVE TO VINYL VERSION

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