• compilation 06  (double LP, £25.50)

    It’s that time again… Every summer Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant imprint celebrates another ground-breaking year with a far-reaching collection. Ranging from palpitating ambience to chuggernaut technoid trips; the stirring 16 track set features late night creations from old friends (Red Axes, Zombies In Miami, Mike Simonetti, Moscoman) new friends (Simple Symmetry, Perel, Julian Stetter, ) and friends that have been Correspondant kindred spirits since day one, but have never had the opportunity to cast their magic on the label… Until now (Black Merlin, MR TC, Yula Kasp & Mi.ro). As always, the vibe is deep, smouldering, emotive, innovative and unapologetically cosmic as we’re pushed headfirst into Correspondant’s boundary-less soundscape. From the coiled spring funk of Javi Redondo’s ‘Fictional Friendship’ to the hypnotic harmonics and trippy vocal textures of Uriah Klapter’s ‘Breeze’ via the slinky arpeggiated charm of Marvin & Guy’s ‘Cowboy Disco’, it’s another sublime excursion from one of the most consistent and considered imprints on the left side of techno. Tracklist A1 Red Axes - Disco Arp (8:50) A2 MR TC -  Golden Gate (7:05) A3 The Golden Filter – M112 (3:59) B1 Black Merlin - Sub Conscious (5:34) B2 Simple Symmetry - Suspiria (7:04) B3 Moscoman -  Wakalaka Beach (6:41) C1 Marvin & Guy - Cowboys Disco (11:20) C2 Zombies in Miami  - Misterio de Verano (6:35) D1 Perel feat. Frangie - Das Auge (7:43) D2 Fabrizio Mammarella - Diavoli (6:27) D3 Javi Redondo - Fictional Friendship (5:37)

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