• aar First Grade (LP, £20.75)

    Vinyl comes in ultra limited edition of 100 copies, each one wrapped in a different hand-printed folder. * AAR is a project by Milan-based producer, DJ and designer Giorgio di Salvo. The†First Grade†LP is his first record under this name, self-released in collaboration with Haunter Records, the first chapter in a new series dedicated to tonal and rhythmic experimentation. ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH is the ironic definition of this new music course of his, a nod to the large amount of esoteric studio gear accumulated and (ab)used during the years.† The project itself is the result of years of study and experimentation with generative music matrices, based on the application of a three dimensional array of variables and unknowns to algorithmic pattern creation. The result is punishing, close to the most radical exploits in ear-wrenching breakcore, footwork and jungle, albeit with a sonic and structural finesse that reveals the producerís manic dedication. Track A-4 is produced in collaboration with Somec and B-01 in collaboration with Heith, channeling abstract and melancholic vibes into the project.

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