• bikini cops Three (6-track 7", £7.25)

    label: Drunken Sailor

    The third EP from Perthís Bikini Cops is a doozey Ė as well you might expect. Didnít you know all the best punk hails from Australia these days? Sounds like they take as much influence from Black Flag and Circle Jerks as their countrymen The Saints and The Scientists, which is one helluva recipe for a potent (Molotov) cocktail. This snarls and swings and punches and piledrives and grunts and grooves with the best of Ďem. If you ever forget why you got into this whole punk malarkey to begin with, this is a surefire way to remind yourself of its loose-hipped, curled-lipped charms. Basically, I wish I had a penny for every time some dude tried to tell me that punk these days ainít nuthiní but commercialised, sanitised crap (Ďhouseí on your bingo card if they mention Hot Topic, especially if you suspect they donít really know what Hot Topic is) - cuz Bikini Cops make me wanna shove alla those pennies forcibly underneath their fingernails while screaming the chorus to Stupid System in their face. Iím too nice a guy to do that really, of course, so instead Iíll just stick Three on my turntable and pogo round the house Ďtil all the bones in my feet have shattered. Itís the only rational way to deal with music this good. Will Fitzpatrick. Tracklisting 1.(Not) My World , 2.Stupid System , 3.Midnight , 4.Total Control , 5.Violence , 6.Lost In A Dimension

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