• leader of down Cascade Into Chaos (CD, £17.95)

    label: cleopatra

    The final recordings from Motörhead guitarist Würzel! With guest appearances by even more Motörhead alumni including Lemmy Kilmister, Fast Eddy Clarke, and Phil Campbell along with Cliff Evans (Tank), Bruce Foxton (The Jam), Whitfield Crane (Ugle Kid Joe) and Lee Richards (Godsmack)! Track List: 1. Paradise Turned Into Dust feat. Lemmy 2. Cascade Into Chaos 3. People Say I'm Crazy 4. Serial Killjoy feat. Bruce Foxton 5. Children Of Disease feat. Phil Campbell, Whitfield Crane & Lee Richards 6. Snakebite feat. Fast Eddie Clarke 7. Punch & Geordie 8. Feel Good feat. Cliff Evans 9. The Killing Rain 10. Laugh At The Devil feat. Lemmy & Fast Eddie Clarke

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