• re-stoned Stories of the Astral Lizard (CD, £15.75)

    Moscow heavy psych instrumentalists The Re-Stoned intend the lizard as a spirit guide for their outing 'Stories Of The Astral Lizard', which follows quickly behind their late-2017 offering, 'Chronoclasm', and given the ultra-patient desert vibes in the 11-minute opener 'Fractal Panorama', the acoustic-laced folk-prog of 'Mental Print For Free,' the languid meander of 'A Companion From The Outside,' the swirling sprawl of the 16-minute 'Two Astral Projections' and the final cowpoke drift of 'The Heather Carnival,' one might indeed just find a lizard sunning its belly amid all the atmospheric evocations and hallucinatory vibes.

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