• carl broemel Wished Out (CD, £9.25)

    Years before Carl Broemel joined My Morning Jacket the Grammy-nominated, globetrotting rock band featuring his guitar playing, saxophone solos, harmony singing, pedal steel riffs, and songwriting support he wrote his very first songs in his Indiana bedroom. From the start, he was a multi-instrumentalist with a singer's gift for melody. A sideman capable of handling a frontman's job. As his guitar-playing career blossomed, Broemel continued writing songs of his own, carving out a personal, introspective sound that reached beyond My Morning Jacket's sonic landscape. With his third solo album, he merges articulate, pensive songwriting including ruminations about science, love, the passing of time, and the grind of the artistic struggle with some of his most energetic, rock-inspired songs to date.

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