• interbellum Dead Pets, Old Griefs (CD, £10.95)

    label: Ruptured

    Interbellum is the musical project of Lebanese singer-songwriter Karl Mattar. Formed in 2015, the project sees him working alongside multi-instrumentalist and producer Fadi Tabbal and other musicians from the Beirut music scene. Prior to the creation of Interbellum, Mattar released folk albums under the moniker Charlie Rayne. 2014ís Wider Waters saw him move to Berlin and embark on a 40-date tour in Europe, before returning to Beirut to launch Interbellum. Both projects were showcased at Wickerpark Festival, the leading indie festival in the Middle East. Interbellumís debut Now Try Coughing featured lo-fi guitar-driven songs recorded live to cassette. It was recorded and self-released in 2016. Dead Pets, Old Griefs is the bandís second full-length album, and expands the bandís palette considerably, adding synthesisers, samples and electronics to the mix. The album features 10 songs that revolve around themes of memory, time, childhood, and loss. Apocalyptic imagery - real, imagined and figurative - permeates the album, and the instrumentation follows suit, warping, distorting and folding in on itself. The record plays like a broken music box, its kaleidoscopic melodic songs disjointed and smeared by noise, dissonance and processed sounds. Recorded in Tabbalís Tunefork Studios over a period of several months, Dead Pets, Old Griefs features contributions from Marwan Tohme, Julia Sabra and Pascal Semerdjian from dream-pop quartet Postcards, and Camille Cabbabť from post-rock ensemble KŌZŌ. The album is released by Lebanese indie label Ruptured in a limited edition of 300. Tracklisting 1. Distortion, 2.Another Day, 3.First Light, 4.Itís All Over, 5.Ready to Dissolve, 6.Ink, 7. PQRST, 8.For Air, 9.Some Ghosts, 10.Weight of Winter

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