• kevin galloway The Change (LP, £18.75)

    The Change is the debut solo album from singer/songwriter and longtime Uncle Lucius frontman Kevin Galloway. Itís a love letter, and a promise to my newly formed family, says Galloway. My wife and I have two children under the age of 3 now. After touring almost incessantly with a band for over a decade, Iíve decided to take a different approach. This album is a sincere reflection of my mindset while reorganising priorities. As for the sound, Galloway and producer Vorpahl call it Gulf Coast Country Soul. Of the band, Kevin comments, "We put together some great players and they really found something special. Itís organic and undeniably in the pocket." The Talent: Doug Strahan (Chili Cold Blood, The Good Neighbors) - guitar Kevin Smith (Willie Nelson) - bass George Duron (Jon Dee Graham) - drums, percussion Jonathan Grossman (Uncle Lucius) - piano, organ Kim Deschamps (Cowboy Junkies) - pedal steel Benito Ace Acevedo - harp. Tracks: Donít It Feel Good To Smile / Face In My Mind / Miles And Miles / Hand On The Wheel / The Change / You Are So Beautiful / We Donít Have To Say A Word / When The Heart Cries Out / No More Toiling

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