• living end Wunderbar (LP, £14.95)

    label: rise

    The Living End are an Australian punk rock band, which formed in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia. The band rose to fame in 1997 after the release of their double A-sided single, “Second Solution” / “Prisoner of Society”, which peaked at No.4 on the Australian Singles Chart and went on to sell triple platinum. They have released seven studio albums and two reached the no.1 spot on the Australian Albums Chart. The Living End are one of Australia’s most ferocious live acts, consistently headlining festivals around the country. The band tour internationally relentlessly; they average over 120 shows every year. Their blistering live performances have earned the band an enviable position of one of the Australia’s greatest live bands. In February 2018 the band decamped to Germany to record their eighth studio album: Wunderbar. The album will be release in September 2018. The band will tour Europe for the entire month of August playing a mixture of festivals and headline shows across the continent. Track Listing 1. Don't Lose It / 2. Not Like The Other Boys / 3. Otherside / 4. Death Of The American Dream / 5. Drop The Needle / 6. Love Won’t Wait / 7. Proton Pill / 8. Amsterdam / 9. Too Young To Die / 10. Wake Up The Vampires / 11. Rat In A Trap

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