• the touch Lost Touch (CD, £8.25)

    label: Paisley Archive

    Detour Records are very proud of this release as it took us along with Alan May and Julian Leusby over 38 years to crack this mystery! The majority of you who is reading this press release will be saying...."THE TOUCH?... NEVER HEARD OF THEM!" Well, that is not strictly true as they were bang into the Mod Scene back in 1979 and played all the regular haunts along side all the well known bands of the time and even had an album released in 1980 BUT for reasons unknown to the band, their label at the time released it under name of THE MODS. Their album "Lost Touch" has now become a true rarity as it is such a great long lost album and was even bootlegged in the 90s on clear vinyl and more recently seen a CD bootleg copy of it appeared! Over the years, this band was a true mystery and no one could find any info on the band even though we knew they were from the Portobello Road area... So thirty nine years on, we give you THE TOUCH...

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