• metallica International Transmissions (DVD, £10.95)

    With over 100 minutes of Metallica live from a range of venues and territories across the world, all recorded for television broadcast, and from various eras of the bandís extraordinary career, this DVD will prove a delight for Metallica fans everywhere. Featuring shows from the 1980s and 1990s, all in great quality, this film is an exceptional collection of rare Metallica, unavailable on DVD elsewhere. TRACKLIST 1. The Ecstasy of Gold/Enter Sandman 2. Creeping Death 3. Fade To Black 4. Harvester Of Sorrow 5. Creeping Death 6. Ride the Lightning 7. For Whom the Bell Tolls 8. One 9. Enter Sandman 10. Sad But True 11. Nothing Else Matters 12. Wherever I May Roam 13. Breadfan 14. Master Of Puppets 15. Wherever I May Roam 16. Harvester Of Sorrow 17. Fade To Black 18. Mama Said (James Hetfield Solo)

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