• big big train Swan Hunter (5-track digipak CD, £6.75)

    With 12 page booklet featuring live and remixed studio versions of Swan Hunter, the bandís elegy for the shipbuilding communities of the northeast, alongside two previously unreleased songs. Swan Hunter is a song about the inevitable changing world and how these changes impact directly upon local communities. What an awe inspiring picture this is. The name on the ship says it all. Imagine being a child who grew up within this community, in one of those houses. Seeing these huge vessels grow daily until their launch and another would start to grow in its place. Imagine the relentless sound of machinery and construction workers. Your father most likely would have worked there and probably his father before him. It must have been almost impossible back then to imagine a time when this way of life, would come to an end. When it did end, what would the people do? If this is what you know and it has defined your role in life for generations. Track List: 1. Swan Hunter (radio edit) 2. Swan Hunter (2018 remix) 3. Swan Hunter (live at Cadogan Hall, London, October 2017) 4. Seen Better Days (the brass bandís final piece) 5. Summerís Lease (live at Real World Studios, April 2017)

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