• ted dicks Virgin Witch - the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP, £17.50)

    label: trunk

    Unreleased baroque jazz horror score to controversial lesbian sex cult witchcraft exploitation drama from 1973, composed by the man who wrote the Catweazle theme! Hell yeah! Ted Dicks is not that well known as a composer these days, but back in the mid 1960s he was composing library music as well penning some of the greatest comedy songs of the era, including “Hole In The Ground” and “Right Said Fred”. His work was performed by Kenneth Williams, Petula Clarke, Bernard Cribbins, Topol and more. But until now, little has been known of his brief flirtation with film music. Virgin Witch was his first brush with film scoring – one of only two score he wrote. The film was produced by legendary wrestling commentator Ken Walton (under his Sexploitation pseudonym of “Ralph Solomans”), with the help of Hazel Adair, a woman famed for co-creating the long running UK TV soap Crossroads. Virgin Witch was a racy film, turned down at least once for certification by the BBFC, passed uncut with an X for release just in London, then cut and passed for general release shortly afterwards. The score itself is a unique and quite beautiful pop baroque work, utilising the cimbalom, an instrument more than likely played here by “The Ipcress File” musician John Leach. This is a very limited release of a most unique 1970s pop horror lesbian witch score. TRACKLISTING – SIDE ONE 1. Virgin Witch 12. Virgin Witch 2 3. Virgin Witch 3 4. Virgin Witch 4 5. Virgin Witch 5 6. Virgin Witch 6 7. Virgin Witch 7 8. Virgin Witch 8 / TRACKLISTING – SIDE TWO 1. Virgin Witch 9 2. Virgin Witch 10 3. Virgin Witch 114. Virgin Witch 12. PACKAGING: Single LP, full colour EYE-CATCHING sleeve with lesbian witches kissing. Great sleeve notes. Just fab. And dead sexy.

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