• raw in sect Red Flows (CD, £10.95)

    RAW IN SECT is a Greek metal/rock act that has released two full length albums to date - “Red Flows” released in 2011 and “Blue Haze” released in 2014. The quartet has done several tours since forming in 2006 performing all over Europe which included over 150 concerts at venues and festivals. All that touring combined with two highly successful previous albums has gained them a huge loyal fan base, as well as recognition as one of the most deserving bands to rise from the underground. The band also made it on to METAL HAMMER's 200 Greek Rock/Metal albums of all time! After the “Red Flows” touring era had ended, the band went on to record “Blue Haze” and mixed it with the nominated Grammy award producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Caspian, Pearl Jam). TRACKLIST 1. Wall Of Greed 2. Man Less 3. Protect 4. Serpent’s Groan 5. When Waves Divide 6. Scars Of Deception 7. A Haunted Frame 8. Mirror In Ice 9. Red Flows 10. Phrygian 11. Into The Labyrinth

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