• dorsetshire Timemachine (CD, £12.75)

    Dorsetshire is an underground cult band from the south of Germany. Dorsetshire is a warship with related to the “Neue Deutsche Todeskunst” which has its roots in the creative nineties. Twenty-four years after their outstanding debut "Das letzte Gefect", they again raised their war flag for prey.  Dorsetshire still stands for club hits like "Die Strasse der Verdammnis" and "Herzschlag". With their striking German lyrics Dorsetshire is still a dancefloor filler across all borders. In the 90s they played extensive European tours with many well-known acts of the gothic scene. Back in 1993 just a few months, the band received several "Band of the Year" awards. After the debut album "Das Letzte Gefect" the EP "Herz aus Stahl" was released, followed by the next longplayer called "Beast”. In 1998, the band decided to shut down the project Dorsetshire. Twenty years later the band has been reactivated. All songs are newly produced and show the power of impact, that had been made Dorsetshire so distinctive and successful in the nineties.

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