• system of hate There Is No Madness Here (digipak CD, £8.50)

    The eagerly anticipated second album from System Of Hate is released via John Robb's Louder Than War Records label. The Barnsley (UK) based five piece have gained a cult-like following thanks to their blackened post punk sound, drawing upon on influences from the likes of Killing Joke, and Theatre of Hate, but then applying their own ominous vibe. ‘There Is No Madness Here’ is a densely packed, delusional, psychotic joyride through the land that is System Of Hate, devoid of hope, full of despair and always with a brutal truth! The album covers the usual System Of Hate obsessions; one's sanity, war, treachery, the death of mankind, blind faith, resurrection, crucifixion, love and much more.   The band commented “We haven't reinvented the wheel, but we have certainly pushed ourselves harder this time.  Every one of us has upped their game, be it musicianship, vocal ideas, or performance.  We knew more about what the studio was capable of and had so much more trust in Matt (@ Axis Studios) because we know him, and he was only going to help us, plus he trusted us - you only get that with time.“ With the previous album (‘Unhallowed Ground’ 2016 RET Records) a lot of the songs were written at home and evolved in both the rehearsal room and during live performance, this time more of the material was jammed out and written in rehearsals, never played live at all, before recording.   “The album has been carefully set out in order; taking into consideration, the tempo, the key of the song, the structure of the song, the narrative of the lyric - we have set the order to tell the tale of 'there is no madness here'.” Like the band's previous ‘Unhallowed Ground’ album 'There Is No Madness Here' was recorded at Axis Studio’s and produced by Matt Elliss. With this album the band more deeply explore the noise rock vistas that have always underpinned their sound - ‘There Is No Madness Here’ soundtracks the current dark times, breaking the barriers we only set for ourselves.

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