• tupelo The Heart's Bloodline (CD, £11.50)

    Tupeloís sound has evolved from more acoustic, trad based of the earlier years to its now fuller electric indie / alt folk fusion. The Heartís Bloodline is the result of a continued overwhelming need to create. Books upon books of songs and verse and obscure thoughts and concepts were reviewed and revised and edited and tweaked to compile ten tracks, to assemble a track list, to become an album. A busy home in Dublin, a backstage green room in Copenhagen, an airport in Moscow, the Wicklow mountains, a hotel room in Oslo, 30,000 feet above a thousand miles of open sea were all equally inspirational to create the environment from which this album was born. Tracks: Break Loose / Cotton to Silk / Joyous / Nursery Rhyme / Queen of the Vale / Always Take the Gold / Rivets in You / The Shriven Dust / Just Leave It / Solid Ground

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