• jan van den dobbelsteen Kringloop/New Adventures (LP, £20.75)

    label: Feeding Tube

    Feeding Tube Records present the first US LP by Dutch experimental artist Jan van den Dobbelsteen. Jan has been releasing music, non-music and kinda-music on his Cosmic Volume label since 1978. Often these works are connected to visual exhibits or installations, but they also work as standalone sound events. Feeding Tube Records had been tracking Jan's work for a good long while, but it was only after Phil Milstein told them he was friends of Jan and his partner, Danielle Lemaire, that their wheels began to spin. They had sponsored Milstein's show-and-tell song-poem trip to the Low Countries. Introductions were made, and here are the most excellent results. Because van den Dobbelsteen's conceptual palette is so wide, Feeding Tube Records approached this project without preconceptions or suggestions. What he came up with was a set of wild pieces for bells of all sorts. The effect is something like a shoebox version of Charlemagne Palestine's work with carillons, perhaps crossed with one of those records documenting the sounds of mechanical toys. When pressed for a few words, Jan described it thusly: "Constructing a music machine inspired from musical automata, self-playing instruments. Music boxes, barrel and street-organs, automatic mechanical pneumatic organs. Self-playing ensemble of bells. electromechanical random clicking and tinkle. No virtuosity or individual genius. Automated musical bells generates the sounds and motion in the performance and produce richly-textured sounds and jingle while there is no need for a composer or performer. ding a ling ring ding ping chime tintinnabulation clink chink tinkle ring ding ping ringing chime jingle bell toll peal rumble grumble carillon." Edition of 200.

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