• pelagos Revolve (CD, £11.50)

    Debut album with incredible full‐gatefold artwork by Adam Burke. Pelagos come from the deep, dark waters on the southwestern coast of Finland, the same city as Circle and a few other remarkable local underground acts. Pelagosí sound is melancholy in a decidedly postindustrial minimalist, repetitive urban Finnish way, but it is also soaked in romantic wanderlust and Balearic exotica. Pelagosís brand of art could be called as beach music from a ghost town. Soft, caressing sea winds turn into whipping blasts and instead of palm trees the surroundings are covered with Soviet brutalist buildings while the sun slowly turns black. Pelagos consists of people who used to play in Circle in the 90ís, but the new group differs from its big brother by substituting punishing heavy metal riffs with digital synthesizer sequencing. Whilst acknowledging the limitations set by the somewhat depressing surroundings in the bandís coastal hometown Pori, their minds are set for the stars. TRACKLIST: 1: Code 2: River (Proxima Centauri) 3: Island of Pelicans 4: Aphrodite's Shore 5: Invisible 6: Sea of Tranquility 7: Embryo

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