• roo panes Quiet Man (CD, £10.75)

    Roo has described his album Quiet Man as having “a general theme of encouragement”. From the more introspective and personal ‘A Year In A Garden’ and ‘A Message to Myself’ which are about personal growth to ‘Ophelia’, a song as staggeringly beautiful as its name with a heart-warming message of encouragement to a loved one (“Take heart my love as when I see you I see hope”), and ‘My Sweet Refuge’ which wraps a loved one in a blanket of appreciation and love. At the more robust spectrum of the album with its rousing horn section is ‘Warrior’ which is lyrically a spirited show of confidence from one friend to another, whilst on the gentler end of the record comes the tender romanticism of ‘Quiet Man’, picked as the album’s title track as the song emerged from what Roo describes as “a place of stillness, peace and contentment”. Words that summarise the album as a whole. Quiet Man was written by Roo Panes and recorded in Deep Litter Studios at Start Point, Devon and produced by Chris Bond, mixed by Boe Weaver and mastered by Tim Debney at Fluid Mastering. It is released via CRC Records. Tracklisting 1. A Message to Myself 2. My Sweet Refuge 3. Sketches of Summer 4. Ophelia 5. A Year in a Garden 6. Soldier of Hope 7. My Narrow Road 8. A Gift to You 9. Cub 10. Quiet Man 11. Warrior 12. Peace Be with You

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