• warm thoughts I Went Swimming Alone (LP, £15.95)

    label: asian man

    Fans of Touche Amore know Elliot Babin as the fierce hitting drummer for their beloved band. But Elliot Babin has been writing songs under the solo project Dad Punchers and now Warm Thoughts for the last 10 years. Indie punk from the heart is the best way to describe these songs. Elliot plays every instrument on this record. No guests, just purely Elliot in every way, shape and form. Tracks: 01. Romance Novelist 02. Sunbleached and Yellowed 03. Airport 04. Precipitation 05. Intangible 06. Waiting For Me 07. The Pier 08. To Talk At 09.Your Haircut Man 10. A Memo To Me From My Future Self

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